About Us

Hauling is in our DNA.

Founded in 1929 by Orem Utah apple farmer, James H. Clark, the 1st trucks were purchased to distribute farm products. Now in its' 3rd generation, James H Clark & Son, Inc. has become an industry leader in dependable transportation service.

We run head to head with the best, providing excellent services to Fortune 500 companies such as Safeway, Coca Cola, Heinz, Conagra, Albertson's, Associated Grocers and Kroger. As well as Wal-Mart, Costco, and Schreiber's Foods.

With our outstanding record of service, James H. Clark and Son, Inc. continues to out perform its larger competitors. The family atmosphere of this unique trucking Company makes us driver friendly and customer dependable.

Join the “James Gang!” and become a part of our quality trucking family.